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Business travel around the world is worth a tonne of cash and Airbnb have started an easy product to help businesses save money when sending their team in the field.

For us in small business, we’re always trying to save money on travel. We don’t mind flying cattle class, we keep a keen eye out for flight specials and saving on accommodation is definitely on the agenda.

Airbnb is Much Loved

If you’ve ever used Airbnb, chances are you’re like me and you’re a raving fan! In fact, 60% of Airbnb users rate their accommodation 5 stars.

I love Airbnb. It’s an experience like staying with new friends. Both sides need to have a degree of trust for each other; the host is letting a stranger into their home, and the traveller is putting their trust in the host for safety and comfort.

I’ve stayed in different places across Australia and in Japan, and all travelling experiences have been incredible.

More Value than a Hotel?

Hotels are pretty much the same all around the world. It doesn’t matter where you go, they’re all so similar and you know what to expect. So there’s definitely a place for hotels, and there always will be for consistency, expectation and high levels of service.

But for the traveller who is keen for trying new things and possibly exploring a model which might be more personable and sometimes better value for money, that’s where Airbnb really shines.

Airbnb’s business product is similar to a corporate serviced apartment. It only offers fully featured listings, so you’re not getting all the standard travel fare, just the premium stuff.

They also only list places with good business amenities like WiFi Internet and a laptop-friendly workspace.

Give it a Try

I plan to use Airbnb for business travel a bit more. You can find out more at Airbnb’s business travel page or sign up for a new account to get started.

Have you had an Airbnb experience worth sharing?

Nicky Jurd
Director of Precedence

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