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2016 will be a very exciting year online! There’s never been a better time to push your online presence harder than ever before.

Here’s a couple of things to experiment with for the new year. Give these a test run, and see how you can integrate them into your business.


One of my most favourite new online things is Periscope. With your smartphone, you can start a live video and broadcast yourself to the world. It’s pretty much like having your own instant TV show.

Periscope is owned by Twitter, and for many businesses they might see it as a useful way they can finally use Twitter!

It works as a one way video feed, so people can see you and can type short questions or comments. You see the comments up on screen.

Here’s what you could try Periscope for:

  1. Share your breaking news and keep people up to date
  2. Reveal your blisters and improve the transparency between your process and your customers
  3. Get behind the scenes at events and
  4. Interactive customer support sessions like demonstrating assembly of a product
  5. Product demos showing off how to use your product

Experiment a bit. It’s quick, easy and free. Chatterboxes (like me) are especially going to love it!

Jump onto


If you want to take Periscope 1 step further and have a video conversation with a few people, broadcast it live for others to listen in, then Blab is your solution.

Blab provides an awesome engagement platform for interviews and interactive discussions and I reckon it could be used really well for building excitement leading up to an event.

I struggle heaps to schedule time to write blog posts, so I’m planning on experimenting with using Blab as a video chat platform in place of blogging. Because I can always fit in a chat!

Try it out at


So much of our online space is now visual, and Canva’s superpower is making it really easy to create awesome graphics to accompany your posts.

It has a whole bunch of sizes, designs and layouts ready to go. This makes it ridiculously fast to create something awesome. People will think you’re a graphic designer. And everyone wants to be a graphic designer!

The sorts of things you can create are:

  • A4 flyers
  • Instagram posts
  • Facebook cover photos
  • Pinterest graphics
  • Presentation slides
  • Infograpics

Start creating stuff at

So jump on in…

This year I’m going to be doing loads of experimentation with new things. Some will work, and loads more will annoy me. The trick is to jump on in and play for a bit, find a use or move on swiftly to something more useful.

I’d love to know what you’ve been playing with so far and what’s working for you.

Nicky Jurd
Director of Precedence

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