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Amazon Dash Buttons For Swift Ordering Precedence Admin    /   Techy Stuff

I feel like I’ve needed Amazon’s Dash Buttons so many times in my life.

You’ll use the last of the cling wrap, and think to yourself ‘oh yeah, I must remember to buy that next time I’m shopping’ and of course next time to go to use the cling wrap you curse yourself like an evil wizard from Mordor would curse his enemy.

So easy

You just press the button when you’re out, and 2 days later it arrives on your doorstep. There’s not a lot of shopping solutions more convenient than that.

Of course, you do need to confirm the purchase, but it connects to your smartphone so it’s very easy to do. That’ll stop the kids from ordering you 300 tubes of toothpaste.

It’s only available in the USA for the moment, but as soon as it hits Australia I’m decking out my home and office out in Dash Buttons.

So far they’re only on a limited range of product. What would you absolutely love a Dash Button for?

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