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The world of hacking baffles me in so many ways. Why do they bother? What’s to gain? Who would want to hack my little website anyway?

Do you ever wonder this too?

Nothing is unhackable 

Hacking is so much more prolific and widespread than you might imagine. I think most people would be very surprised to find out just how often the average server comes under attack. Most are deflected of course, but occasionally something really awful happens.

It’s in those moments you feel like a little drop in a very large ocean.

So many very large companies have been hacked, including lots that specialise in security, I’ve developed the mantra that nothing is unhackable.

Business suffers often

The impact of hacking on small business is ridiculously widespread. Not a single week would pass here at Precedence when we don't get an urgent call from a new business whose website has been hacked. Often their website software is outdated, but that's another story for another day.

My point is, it sucks. It's costing us time, money, reputation and loads of anguish.

Check it out on a map

I recently discovered this awesome resource which maps real-time visibility into global cyber attacks from the world’s largest dedicated threat intelligence network.

It really is a sobering reality. Electronically speaking, there’s a lot of war going on.

Have a peek at the hacks that are going on right now by clicking on the map below. I’m sure you’ll be surprised like I was!

Norse Cyber Attack Map (Real Time)

If your business website gets hacked, call usChances are we can help, or steer you in the right direction to get it fixed as quickly as possible.

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