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Have you ever wanted to register a domain name but it's already taken?

We get asked all the time to register domains for amazing new business ideas, and often they're taken. Domain real estate has definitely dried up for all common words and lots of phrases too. Finding a good (short) one is really hard.

Search for availability

It's already taken? *sadface*

So if you'd like to try to buy a domain name from someone else, you first need to know who owns it. You need to do a whois search. Type the domain you're interested in below to see who owns it.

What's all that data?

For Australian domain names (and most others) there are 4 different contacts on any domain name.

Registrant Contact

This is the owner of the domain. It's the contact who is the business' representative authorised to act on behalf of the business. The email address of the registrant is crucially important.

Technical Contact

A contact person authorised to act on behalf of the business. This is often someone at your web hosting company, or your web designer.

Administrative Contact

Someone important in the business. This is an optional contact so not all domains have this listed.

Billing Contact 

The poor number cruncher who pay the bills.

Approaching to buy

If you're going to contact someone and ask to buy a domain name, look first to the registrant contact. They're the one most likely in a position to talk to you about buying a domain from them. How much it's worth? Well... that depends on heaps of factors. The person might want to get rid of it, in which case you'll get it cheap. Maybe under $1000. If they're attached to the domain, they'll likely ask in the 5 figures.

Ask me for advice!

I love seeking out great domain names for businesses! If you're not sure what to choose, contact us and ask to speak to me. I would love to help.

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