Online Backups

How much is your data worth to you? How much would it cost to replace if you lost it all tonight?

The Fact of the Matter

Your business relies on its data, and a secure, reliable, off-site data backup solution is an integral part of your business' risk management. Between power surges, viruses, malicious ex-employees, fire, flood, and good old human error, it's certainly not a question of if but when your business will lose data. 

Precedence's Online Backup Service gives you peace of mind by providing a fully-featured off-site backup service.

Key Benefits of Online Backups

  • Remote backups — your data is backed-up to our servers, so physical damage to your office will not affect your backups.
  • Secure, online backups — your data is encrypted and securely transferred to our servers.
  • Nightly backups with reporting — your data is backed up every night, and you receive an email the following morning notifying you of any problems.
  • Historical archives — we can configure your data backups to retain historical data for a period of time, meaning that deleted, changed or corrupted files can be retrieved even after subsequent backups have run.
  • Multiple computers — you can run our backup software on as many computers and servers as you like; we support Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Setup assistance — we will help configure your backups to suit your environment and ensure the right backup decisions are made for your company.
  • Full support — we are based in Australia and offer both email and telephone support, including 24/7/365 emergency phone support.

Service Prices

Our simple pricing structure is designed to allow both small and large backup accounts to be maintained cost effectively.

There are no setup or licencing fees to worry about — just a single monthly fee, and you can upgrade or downgrade at any time.