Wordpress Security Manager


Our Wordpress Security Manager service proactively protects your Wordpress website from malicious attacks, continuously monitors your website for exploits, and provides a repair service should an attack ever succeed.


Wordpress is a popular website building platform but with its popularity comes risks -- it is a big target for attackers, and if not carefully deployed and updated, it is very easy to end up with an insecure website that attackers will exploit.

If your website is exploited, an attacker will often use your website to send out spam, insert viruses or malware on your website to infect your visitors, or deface your website with advertising and other unwanted content.

Fixing an exploited website can be expensive, so having a proactive approach to security is the best choice.


Our security service includes the following:

  • Real-time firewall prevention of many common Wordpress attack attempts
  • Real-time monitoring and instant removal of most common Wordpress exploits
  • Daily full scan of all files in your hosting account for suspicious code with manual human review to verify if the code is safe or malicious
  • Configuration of automatic updates to Wordpress and all installed plugins and themes
  • Manual human review of website after all Wordpress updates to ensure compatibility
  • 24x7x365 automated monitoring of your home page and immediate notification to a technician of any Wordpress errors detected
  • Daily backups and archiving of several historical versions of your website files to allow the restoration of older versions of your website files if required
  • In the unlikely event your website is hacked, we take responsibility for restoring your website to its previous state, either by removing malicious files, repairing exploited code, or restoring files or content from a backup

In addition, when you first sign up for this service, we will perform an immediate audit on your website that involves scanning your files for current exploits, ensuring your Wordpress installation is up-to-date, and the deployment of several security-related plugins into your website.


Peace of mind for your Wordpress website costs just $22.00 per month (GST inclusive).


To be eligible for our service, you must:

  • Have your website hosted with Precedence
  • Allow Precedence to have an administrator-level login to your Wordpress website

Exclusions & Caveats

Please be aware of the following:

  • Our service greatly reduces the risk of your Wordpress website being compromised, but it cannot eliminate the risk entirely, because there are ways beyond our control that a malicious attack may gain access to your website - for example, they may steal your FTP or Wordpress login from your computer or your email. But even if this happens, part of our service is to restore your website from a backup, so the problem is still resolved by us - and we'll give you tips on how to prevent that type of attack from reoccurring.
  • The work we do is limited to the security-related monitoring and restoration tasks outlined above. Any work that you may engage us to do outside of these tasks - such as changes to your website, or replacing plugins - are considered web development work and charged at our scheduled rate of $137.50/hr (GST inclusive).
  • Some plugins, themes, or custom code on your website may not be compatible with the latest version of Wordpress after an update is done. Because running the latest version of Wordpress software is critical to the security of your website, if a particular plugin causes problems with your website after an update, we will disable it. If you find that your website is not usable to your satisfaction due to a plugin being disabled, you may elect to have us restore your website to its previous state from a backup, or discontinue our Wordpress Security Manager service so that you can continue to run an older version of your website code. Alternatively, you may choose to engage our web development team at our scheduled rate of $137.50/hr (GST inclusive) to make recommendations and undertake development work on your website to implement similar functionality or otherwise get your website working with the latest version of the Wordpress software.


Either party may cancel this service at any time by providing notice via email.

Sign Up

To sign up to this service, enter your domain name below and click "Sign Up". 

If you are not currently hosted with Precedence, one of our hosting technicians will touch base with the details we need to migrate your hosting to us, and we will then commence the Wordpress Security Manager service once the hosting has been transferred.

If you have any questions about this service, please feel free to email us or call us on 1300 363 460.