Zimbra Email Hosting

Zimbra Hosted Email is an enterprise-class hosted email solution for businesses that would like more functionality, more reliability, and better integration than typical email services. With Zimbra Hosted Email, you are no longer chained to your desk in order to properly manage your email and calendar — read, respond, file and schedule from your laptop in a hotel or from your mobile phone in a taxi; when you return to your desk, all changes are reflected. With Zimbra Hosted Email, say goodbye to mismatching calendars and email copied relentlessly around the office — set up shared mailboxes, shared calendars and shared contacts to keep everyone working as a true team.

Key Benefits of Zimbra

Precedence's Zimbra Hosted Email is a professional, fully-featured and robust business email solution. Some benefits are:

  1. Shared mailboxes — allow multiple staff to access certain mailboxes, all from their regular email program such as Microsoft Outlook
  2. Shared calendars — allow key staff to view and update each others' calendars based on permissions you choose
  3. Shared contacts and tasks — centralise these items across your entire business
  4. Mobile phone synchronisation — all mailboxes, calendars and contacts are kept in sync on mobile devices such as iPhone and Android
  5. Fully-featured webmail — a rich webmail client that shows the same mailboxes, calendars, contacts and tasks as your desktop email program
  6. Fully-featured desktop mail client — if you do not own an email program such as Microsoft Outlook, you can use the rich Zimbra Desktop mail client at no extra cost
  7. Centrally stored and managed — all data is stored on our hosting infrastructure, not in a vulnerable office, and backups are fully automated
  8. Locally archived — at any time, all of your email, calendars and contacts can be saved out from an email program such as Microsoft Outlook; your data is not locked into our services
  9. Import existing mail — import all of your existing mail, calendars and contacts from Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, IMAP, and many other platforms
  10. Scalability — you can enjoy all of these benefits for a single user for one low monthly fee, or for thousands of users for larger enterprises

About Our Service

Our Zimbra Hosted Email services run on the Zimbra Collaboration Suite software provided by one of the world's leading software vendors, VMWare. (Read  more about Zimbra Collaboration Suite.)

All services are powered by our Australian clustered web hosting infrastructure ensuring fast, reliable service at all times.

Nightly backups are maintained of all data, and our entire network and service infrastructure is monitored 24/7/365 and operated by our team of Australian-based technicians.

Zimbra Hosted Email Prices

Our Zimbra email hosting prices are designed to be affordable for small businesses yet scalable for large deployments.

In addition to the below prices, we are happy to design custom solutions, including standalone / dedicated virtual servers for Zimbra email hosting.