Google Ads

So, How Does it Work?

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) refers to the advertising model adopted by search engines where you pay only for the clicks you receive through the ad, as opposed to the number of views (impressions) received or the number of sales generated.

Usually, it makes sense to begin with a pay-per-click advertising campaign with Google due to its market share. The Google Ads programme is the means through which you advertise on Google (and its partner websites.) 

If the campaign performs well and a greater market share is desired, then we would additionally recommend other similar forms of advertising such as through Yahoo and Facebook.

Our internet marketing experts can create a Google Ads campaign for your website. If desired, we can also manage the campaign, provide regular reports, and adjust the campaign based on the outcomes of those reports. Please note this product is only available to existing clients for whom we have built their website. 

Create a Google Ads Campaign

We will have a phone meeting to discuss your goals, budget and target market; then we will design a Google Ads campaign to suit.

From $330.00

Manage a Google Ads Campaign

We will monitor your campaign and advise you of any problems, periodically review the campaign to ensure value for money and make adjustments where necessary, and provide a regular analysis and performance report.

From $150.00