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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a term used to describe strategies and techniques for improving the organic (non-paid) search engine rankings of a website.

Done ethically, search engine optimisation involves:

  1. Identifying the types of keyword phrase your potential customer is likely to type into a search engine
  2. Ensuring the content of your website reflects these keyword phrases
  3. Ensuring the structure of your website reflects these keyword phrases
  4. Having a marketing strategy which encourages other websites to link to yours

Search engine optimisation does not involve meta keyword tags, keyword 'stuffing', random reciprocal links, doorway pages, hidden text, writing hundreds of articles about nothing, or the myriad other techniques that many people still try to use to improve search engine rankings.

We can provide search engine optimisation services to your business in the following capacities:

Search engine optimisation consultation, training and workshops

Our search engine optimisation experts can provide telephone and/or email consultation.

Cost: $110/hr (incl. GST)

We can also provide tailored training sessions and workshops for a group of people, for example, your staff or a business group.

Cost: From $880 (incl. GST)

On-page search engine optimisation of your website's structure

Where we feel a difference can be made by improving the structure of your website, we can provide a quote to undertake web development work to change the website in a way that will make it more search engine friendly and reflect your target keyword phrases.

Cost: From $550 (incl. GST) for a small website

Search engine optimisation recommendation reports

Where we identify that an overall strategy is needed to improve your website's search engine rankings, we can prepare a custom search engine optimisation recommendations report.

This will contain an explanation of how search engines work, the overall strategies behind search engine optimisation, plus a series of 10 specific techniques you could employ to improve your website's search engine rankings.

Cost: $550 (incl. GST)